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Cloud Powered Caption Delivery

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Virtual Caption Encoding for Live Streaming

iCap Falcon

  • Route caption data from iCap to popular web video hosting services
  • Compatible with video streaming services YouTube, Wowza, and Uvault
  • Affordable usage-based billing model

Distributed Workflow for Offline Captioning

EEG Courier®

  • Streamline offline captioning and reduce time to air, particularly for short-term materials such as promos
  • Assign assets requiring captions to caption service providers
  • Captions are automatically stiched to master asset over a secure connection
  • Retain full-resoultion master at your site, captioners recieve a low-resolution, watermarked proxy

Run Caption File Quality Checks with Automated Error Detection

Caption Compliance Checker

  • Seamless and secure caption file upload
  • Compatibility with a wide range of caption file formats including srt, scc, webvtt and ttml
  • Automated detection of issues with timing, readability, garbling, and more

Recover Live Captioning transmitted through iCap

iCap Archives Assembler

  • Access to one months worth of caption data at any time
  • Recovered scc file can easily be repurposed for offline content
  • Available free to all iCap broadcast plus members